Jo Egon at international art exhibitions in Bruges

Creativity from the world – International Exhibition of Contemporary Art


Bruges, 2-11 october 2012

The main theme of this exhibition project is to narrate the world in its different characteristics, through painting, sculpture and photography.

A window opened to today’s creativity, developed between different styles and techniques, experience and philosophies, not to mention the generation gap or the different backgrounds of the artists in the exhibition. The overview reflects the absence of any specific orientation or bias concerning artistic trends or schools. In fact, the selection was made in order to support the peculiar qualities as well as the original interpretations of the works.

Therefore, Italian and international artists were selected following the above criteria. This group exhibition attempts to go beyond the conventional objectives of this kind of event, overcoming linguistic, cultural and religious barriers.

The event, organized by Elena Ducu, took place in the magnificent quarters of the Jan Garemijn Castle, in the historical Markt Place of Bruges in Belgium.

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